Marketing consents and opt-outs

Most people are familiar with the marketing opt-outs that we see when completing forms. But did you know that the Data Protection Act requires businesses to tell people exactly how their personal data will be used for marketing and whether it will be shared with anyone else for marketing purposes – and to obtain their informed consent? 

The Act also requires businesses to give people the ability to opt-out from their personal information being used for marketing purposes, both at the time that the information is collected and at any time afterwards.

It’s critical that you get this right and that you provide people with the right information and opt-outs. If you don’t, you could easily find that your business has no legal right to market your customer base.

At Star Legal, we have the experience and expertise to  help you by preparing the notifications that you need to provide in order to get people’s consent and, crucially, structured opt-outs that can potentially reduce the number of opt-outs that you receive.  For example, people are more likely to object to marketing phone calls than emails. By having structured opt-outs you can give them the chance to opt-out of just the types of marketing that they don’t actually want to receive.

We can also offer pragmatic and practical advice on the ‘preference service’ screening that you need to undertake before undertaking a marketing exercise, so that you don’t send market to people who have opted-out via these services. And for those who have purchased lists from external providers, we can help you check you’re actually entitled to use the data, which might not necessarily be the case.

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