Privacy policies and cookie policies

Did you know that having privacy policies and cookie policies is a legal requirement for your business?

All businesses use personal data to some extent or other, and the law requires them to tell people whose personal data they hold what they will be doing with it. Only by doing this can a business obtain the informed consent of the individuals concerned, which is a requirements under the Data Protection Act.

For businesses with any form of online presence, this means having a privacy policy on their website. Even if the website does not capture personal data itself, it will almost certainly give people the means of contacting the business, and so needs to explain what the personal data provided to it will be used. This is even more important for businesses that carry out transactions online.

At Star Legal, we understand that privacy and cookie policies are not a case of ‘one size fits all’ - a tailored policy is crucial. We will take account of your individual business before preparing any policies and can also give you practical and pragmatic advice on how to integrate them into your website.

To ensure your business has the privacy and cookie policies it needs to operate within the confines of the law, contact us today.

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