Outsourcing IT functions can reap huge benefits for your business. But there are commercial and legal risks that come with them, including potentially thorny issues like transfers of employment contracts of affected staff under the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations (often known as “TUPE”). And the issues are no less important if your business provides outsourced services to others.

Having a properly drafted and expertly prepared outsourcing agreement in place is critical to managing the commercial and legal risks presented by outsourcing arrangements. At Star Legal, we can help you to understand and consider the issues involved in outsourcing, and can prepare or review the outsourcing agreement for your business.  We can also negotiate the outsourcing agreement on your behalf with the other party or their lawyers.

Outsourcing arrangements often involve a wide range of legal issues in other areas as well, such as employment law and data protection. In these cases we can bring in other specialists from within Star Legal to work alongside our outsourcing lawyers to give your business the advice and legal support it needs.

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