Software and hardware maintenance and support

In today’s world, few businesses can survive for long without their IT systems. That is why it's vital that any external maintenance and support of your hardware and software is protected by the right agreements.

At Star Legal we can help create agreements with IT service providers that appropriately manage the commercial and legal risks involved, and ensure that your business is entitled to receive the levels of support and service that it needs. Typically, this needs careful thought and drafting, together with a robust service level agreement (SLA).

Likewise, if your business provides software and hardware maintenance and support services to others, a properly draft agreement can help ensure that both parties clearly understand what level of support is to be provided and what is not included. It will also control your business’s potential liability is things go wrong.

Without the right agreement in place, or with no agreement at all, your business could be exposed to high levels of commercial and legal risk and, if you are the supplier, potentially unlimited liability if things go wrong.

We can prepare an agreement that works for you and can advise you on the many issues involved. We can also review and advise you on an agreement that has been proposed to you, and we can negotiate the agreement on your behalf with the other party or their lawyers, regardless of who prepares the first draft.

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