Software development

Software development projects are notoriously tricky, both in terms of their complexity and their tendency to overrun budgets and timescales. 

From the customer’s side, it can be incredibly frustrating for a project to end up costing far more than was anticipated, for it to be delivered months late or for the delivered software to fall short of expectations.

For the supplier, it is all too common for the project to evolve from a wider set of requirements than was originally quoted for, which impacts on both the costs and the time needed to deliver.

Whichever side you fall on, a properly drafted agreement will help get your project off to the right start and ensure they stay on the right footing. Star Legal can prepare an agreement for you that deals with the complex issues involved, sets out exactly what the project includes and what the deliverables will be, and includes mechanisms for dealing with changes and disputes.

A well drafted agreement will also deal with the critical issue of the ownership of the intellectual property rights in the software and the licensing of the supplier’s own pre-existing components and third party components (including open source elements).

Whether it is a traditional arrangement involving an upfront specification and timetable for delivery, or a more modern agile development model, we have the experience and expertise to prepare the right agreement for your needs. We can also review any proposed agreements, and negotiate them on your behalf with the other party or their lawyers, regardless of who prepares the first draft.

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