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Recent years have seen explosive growth in businesses offering apps for smartphones and tablets. The commercial benefits of developing mobile apps are numerous. Aside from the revenues that can be generated by paid-for apps, free apps serve as the gateway to more substantial revenue through in-app sales of extra features, subscriptions and so on.

But while the rewards can be great, the legal issues of offering apps can be complex, particularly where they are installed by consumers. Without expert legal advice, it is all too easy to get it wrong. At Star Legal, we have a huge range of experience across many different sectors.

If your business has developed or is developing its own app, or you are paying someone else to develop an app on your behalf, there are a whole host of issues to consider. These range from availability of service issues, refunds and cancellations, and liability for the actions of users, to data protection law and privacy considerations, intellectual property rights issues, the use of apps by minors and many more. Having the right terms and policies in place with your customers can help protect your business and in some cases, particularly when dealing with consumers, is a legal requirement.

There are additional issues that need to be considered if your business is having an app developed for it by someone else. For example, you will almost certainly want to own the intellectual property rights in the app, something that cannot be guaranteed without the right agreement in place. You will also want to protect your business if the app that has been developed for you infringes the intellectual property rights of someone else. And you may want to make sure that your developer does not create a copycat app for someone else.

Taking advice early on is the simplest way to secure the best protection for your business, allowing you to develop your app with a sound legal foundation rather than adding it in at a later date. Our expert internet and e-commerce lawyers can help ensure you get off to the right start. As well as advising you, we can prepare the end-user licence agreement (EULA), privacy policy, and other policies that your app will need.

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