Website terms and conditions, and policies

Recent years have seen massive growth in businesses offering goods and services online. The commercial benefits of trading online are numerous, but the legal issues can be complex, particularly when selling to consumers. Without expert legal advice, it is all too easy to get it wrong.

At Star Legal, our internet and e-commerce lawyers are experts in their field, and have a huge range of experience across many different sectors. From web shops selling goods to consumers to online trading platforms, subscription services, social media platforms, cloud services, smartphone and tablet apps, hawse have been been helping business clients trade safely online for years.

We will help you consider all the relevant issues, from pricing errors, refunds and cancellations, to product liability and liability for the actions of users, data protection law and privacy considerations, to intellectual property rights issues and liability for data loss. Having the right terms and policies in place with your customers can help protect your business and in many cases is a legal requirement.

Taking advice early on is a good idea, allowing you to develop your business offerings with a sound legal foundation rather than adding it in at a later date. We will use our experience and expertise to ensure that you get off to the right start. As well as advising you, we can prepare any terms and conditions, privacy policies, cookie policies and other policies that your business will need to safely operate online.

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