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News Written by Philip Hands 08 Jun 2020

Some of you may not be aware that our Walsall office is a leading provider of childcare and mental health legal services in the West Midlands.  Their work was identified as being a front line legal service when lockdown was announced and the team has continued to work incredibly hard for the benefit of their clients (and the firm) throughout this period without interruption.  Last week alone they represented clients at 26 separate hearings. It is a credit to them that they have retained their sense of humour throughout.

They have had to proceed by way of “virtual” hearings over the internet, which I know has presented its challenges (although the courts are now reopening in order to hold urgent hearings in person).  The BBC has published a piece on the work of childcare lawyers during lockdown, and interviewed Valerie Cox who heads up the childcare team in Walsall, and also sits as a judge.  

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