Planning applications, environmental impact assessments and related processes can often be complicated to understand and time-consuming to complete. If not done correctly, these legal processes can add a considerable amount of disruption to the already tight schedule and budget of your building project.

Star Legal can help by providing a complete planning service for you. With cross-sector experience working for local planning authorities, developers and consultancies, we are able to offer you a multi-faceted perspective on planning issues and their resolution.

We can support you by:

  • Making planning applications
  • Submitting appeals
  • Acting as advocate at committees, hearings and enquiries
  • Submitting objections and other representations to applications and policy documents
  • Providing legal opinions
  • Making applications for certificates of lawfulness including preparation of evidence
  • Acting for all parties to the compulsory acquisition process

Advice for property owners

If you are looking to alter or extend your property, or change its use, you may require planning permission. We can provide practical advice and assistance to make sure you get the correct permissions in place at the right time. 

If you discover after the event that you did not have planning permission for an aspect of your build, we can advise how best to deal with an enforcement of the planning system to help you get the right result.

We can also provide advice on how public rights of way might affect your property, and pursue agreements to provide adopted highways to ensure that roads adjacent to your property are maintained by the Highways Authority.

Advice for developers

To secure planning permission, local authorities require the applicant to enter into a planning obligation either by a Section 106 Agreement or Section 106 Unilateral Undertaking. Without this document, planning permission will not be granted. 

We are experienced in helping developers, landowners, banks and other interested parties negotiate planning obligations for development proposals or all sizes. We have negotiated numerous complicated, multi-party agreements for large scale developments as well as provisions relating to the Community Infrastructure Levy.

We also help developers manage the impact of their development on highways and public rights of way – an area that needs careful management due to the number of people it impacts.

Environmental Advice

When undertaking property development it is vital that you comply with environmental regulation to avoid prosecution and to mitigate costly and time-consuming problems.

At Star Legal we can carry out environmental due diligence for you if you are buying a property, to establish any potential issues and ensure liability is placed on the correct party.

If you think you might be facing an environmental issue we can act quickly to identify your options and advise on a way forward. We can also deal with Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Permitting in order to avoid lengthy legal proceedings from third parties.

Whether you’re a developer buying a site that might be contaminated, a leisure company with noise issues or an individual being prosecuted for breach of an environmental regulation, Star Legal can help.

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