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The death of a loved one is never an easy situation to face, and the administration of their estate can be an additional stress. Any property and assets left in the deceased’s estate will need to be distributed to those entitled to receive them, either by obtaining a grant of probate (where the deceased left a will) or administration (where the deceased did not leave a will).

At Star Legal our experienced probate and estate administration team can guide you sensitively and efficiently through the administration of an estate, including:

  • Interpretation of the will or the intestacy provisions, should these apply
  • Obtaining the necessary grant of probate or letters of administration
  • Liaison with asset holders, beneficiaries, HMRC and the Probate Registry
  • Provision of comprehensive estate accounts

We can also offer a trust administration service: if a will creates ongoing Trusts, we will advise you as to your responsibilities as trustees and prepare annual accounts and trust tax returns.

And, in the unfortunate event of a dispute arising, we can advise you on how to take the steps necessary to contest or defend a will.

If you are looking for support with probate and estate administration, contact Star Legal today.