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From theft to fraud to corruption, if you are accused of a complex financial crime, the process, not to mention the subject of the investigation, can be extremely confusing and stressful. 

Prosecutions of this nature brought by the police, the Crown Prosecution Office, HMRC and other enforcement agencies will include a lot of detail and paperwork to wade through and understand.

At Star Legal, we offer non-judgmental support and guidance, making sure you understand what is happening every step of the way. We also provide strategic case management to ensure your case is handled in a proactive way. This means we seek out evidence that can have a positive impact and lead to the best possible outcome. 

Our financial investigations specialists have been involved in numerous complex cases across industries as diverse as recycling, building and healthcare.

We have experience in dealing with allegations of:

  • Large scale theft of monies or assets
  • Large scale fraud or corruption
  • Tax evasion
  • Proceeds of Crime Act applications

If you find yourself facing a financial investigation and require legal representation contact Star Legal today.