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Did you know that most people in the UK die without making a will? Many people don’t want to think about death. They put off preparing a will because they think it’s difficult or because they are young and believe they have years left to sort it out.

The fact is, if you don’t have a will in place when you die you cannot guarantee that your money or assets will go to the people you would wish. It is vital that you make a will if you want to make financial provision for family members, loved ones or even to give support to causes or institutions that are close to your heart.

The rules of intestacy can lead to disputes where there are disappointed beneficiaries or worse still, claims against the estate where inadequate provision has been made for dependants. 

If you have left an up-to-date will that reflects your wishes you can be assured that your instructions will be followed when you die. 

Keeping that will up to date will mean reconsidering it around certain key life events, including:

  • The arrival of children 
  • A breakdown in a relationship or marriage
  • Being left property or assets by somebody else 

At Star Legal we years of experience advising on all aspects of will drafting and estate planning.

Give yourself peace of mind today by ensuring you have a will that will ensure your wishes are carried out when you die. Contact us to get started.