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We take out insurance to help protect ourselves against unforeseen circumstances. But if the worst happens, dealing with insurers is not always straightforward.

If you have found yourself facing an insurance dispute, where an insurer is refusing to meet your claim, we can help. 

At Star Legal we have considerable experience of advising in situations where your insurer is suggesting:

  • You failed to tell them something at the time they issued the policy
  • You missed a time limit on the claim
  • The issue that has arisen is not covered by the policy
  • A condition of the policy has been breached

We will help you to understand the options available to you in disputing their decision, and where requested we will pursue a resolution for you. This could be through negotiation, the relevant regulatory body or by way of a court case. 

If your insurance company is refusing to pay out on a claim, contact us today to discuss your options.